Trevithick day etc.

Trevithick Day Cambourne 30.4.11.

Trevithick Day possibly a bit of a boys day out!!

 I managed to forget to add that inbetween the Dolphin and the hotel we stopped into the Turks Head Penzances oldest pub where we managed to sit at the table that soon got invaded by the Friday night club keen to point out that they have sat at the table every week for over 30 years now! Oops still as long as we joined the banter we were okay and they kept banging on about Trevithick day once we mentioned we were off to Troon just outside of Cambourne tomorrow.  we nodded like we knew what they were on about.

After our cornish breakfasts we drove up to Troon getting caught in the Trevithick Day road closures and diversions to find Lisa and Martins new house and to meet there new born twin girls. It was good to see them all and we had a nice lunch before taking the short drive back to Cambourne and then walking over the Level Crossing into Cambourne for the celebrations to commemorate Trevithick the local inventor of the steam engine, his oldest working model they had on display was from 1801! Lots of great old steam engines of all sizes and even a steam car or two, as we went up the High street there were all sorts of stalls and a choir or two singing.

I managed to slip into the only record shop in town and dug into the jazz and blues bin for some Bukka White, Koko Taylor, Thelonius Monk/Sonny Rollins and a 4 cd Louis Armstrong box for less than £20 the lot!

We walked back round and then caught the start of the parade and had to leave when Billy nomates the anorak latched onto me and wanted to swap pixel sizes and other tedious minutiae.

We then followed Martin and Lisa round some great countryside to Hells Mouth the local suicide point where people used to drive there cars off the side of the cliff till they built up the embankment, It’s a stunning view and none of us were tempted to do an ace face off the side. Instead we drove down passed Phillack and into Hayle and around the mouth of the river Hayle and through Carbis Bay and into the picaresque beauty of St Ives and the tightest parking bay I attempted in the Mazda.

We had a nice walk round this very busy little town and had a drink in a nearly 700 year old pub on the Quayside. From there it was a nice little drive back to Penzance round more country lanes followed by the only bad meal of the trip at the Yacht inn not all that good at all and then on to the Navy inn for some Press Gang cider and to marvel at all the Naval memorabilia they had and the food awards plastered over the walls. Another really busy yet relaxed day.


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