Why This Blog here now.

Okay now we move forward into a fully integrated internet age I feel the need to have a seperate blog different to my very well hidden archives that you either know where they are or you don’t and will have to drag the url out of me, but over in those Archives Bejesus has been beavering away for years and years and at some point when he joined Myspace he also became Simonovitch and expanded somewhat. But with Myspaces blog facility going downhill at a rate of knots the need to join Facebook occured and that has no blog facility so I opened this one up.

Now I intend to use this for the non music review writings as they will all appear on www.whisperinandhollerin.com and this blog will feature archive posts of poems and short stories and other such nonsense.

So welcome and I hope you enjoy what you read here.

Some call me Bejesus, some call me Simonovitch and some even call me Simon or si but you can just call me what you like!!


About simonovitch

Writer poet music freak etc etc based in London you'll find out more by reading my blogs.
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